Website Development

web-development-candcrC and CR Web Services as a Company understand that we all have different skills and the best way to get the very best results is to have the right person with the right skill set doing the job and so the Web Development team within C and CR Web Services only work on projects that have been through the C and CR Web Services Design team and their process because that way we know that skilled facilitators have worked in partnership with you to design a look and feel that you like. Then and only then can the C and CR Web Services Development Team take those designs and within their skill set create the site you are looking for.

One of the key tasks of the C and CR Web Services Development Team is to choose from a vast array of technology and programming platforms the one that will best suit your Company needs and that can give the look and feel that you have agreed with the C and CR Web Services Design Team. The Design Team then work as your Company representative to make sure the Development Team stay within vision; however they will also liaise back to you when it is felt that something could be achieved better or look better if done in a different way – we have seen and undertaken many, many Web Site Developments and therefore we understand what will look good and what wont so we will always advice you as our customer to take advice on style and look – after all, isn’t that what you are paying for?

C and CR Web Services development team use mainly CMS (Content Management System) websites development because it gives you the ability to work on your own website and actually develop it along with your business which allows you to have more control of the costs. We can obviously offer to train you and show you a simple process to add your own content, add pages, add images, link to videos, use photo galleries.

There are several Content Managed Systems on the market but we specialise in providing a simple to use solution and therefore find if you want to be involved with updating your site we tend to stick to the easier ones to use as others frankly so simply are not that easy for those beginning. Our aim if you want to use the updating system is simply to make it as painless for you as possible; otherwise you will find yourself working on it all the time and not dealing with your core business.

What can I do with CMS?

Basically you can add unlimited pages, extra content and images to your website; however as a standard process we try and restrict the usage for beginners to updating certain areas rather than the whole site and this is simply to save you from needing to come back to us when something goes wrong; however having said this the access level is determined by you. We will provide you with the level of training needed for the access you have requested so that you don’t have to pay us each time you want simple updates.

How easy is it to update my own website?

It is a very simple process to update your own website. Once logged in you have access to all the functions that allow you to seamlessly develop your site as your business grows and changes. You can keep information on the site completely up-to-date. We train you how to do this but you also have us for support via email, Skype and telephone during office hours.