Domain Services

An online Web Presence for any business today has to be inevitable as the Web World is still growing at a rapid pace.

Deciding on the right name that suits your vision, mission and your business itself is often one of the most essential parts because this will set the scene and help with the Company branding and identity which is needed when promoting the company products and services online.

Deciding on the domain name for your business can be very important from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view. It should be reflective of what you stand for, it should include the most critical keywords relevant to your website and therefore doesn’t have to be your company name because choosing the right domain name with the right relevance to your website makes the Search Engine Optimization process easy. The main text that is embedded in the link is called the anchor text. Your domain name should be synonymous with the most niche keyword related to your industry and it should be present in your anchor text.

  • Domain Registration – C and CR’s Domain Name Registration Service Specialists will register your domain in such a way that it facilitates link building later on in the SEO process and by having a strong domain name that relates to your product and site always helps search engines to locate you faster. If however you have a different business/site name and use a Web-address that has a different domain name in the anchor text, then it is confusing for the search engines but even that with the right team helping you can be overcome.
  • Unlimited Mail Forwards – The C and CR Domain Services team can create email forwards for you that redirects all mail that comes to that address to any existing email accounts you have.
  • Domain Theft Protection – C and CR will lock down your domain name, so that your domain can not be transferred out by anyone either accidentally or without your permission.
  • Domain Forwarding – C and CR can automatically forward people to whatever website you want, which means when they type one domain name you own into their browser they arrive on your live web-site (with or without domain dns_control-candcrmasking & SEO).
  • DNS Management – C and CR will manage your DNS records from website location, email, sub-domains, aliases, FTP sites and more.
  • Privacy Protect – C and CR will protect your personal information from being displayed at WHOIS and this will safeguard you from the spam that is generated from people data harvesting your information and selling it to other companies etc.
  • Easy to use because we will do it for you – The whole point of the C and CR Domain Services is that we can manage your domain name, renew your domain name; when instructed by you we can buy more services or domain names for you which all means you don’t have to learn new skills but can concentrate on making your core business work.