CMS Advanced Maintenance Plan

A website doesn’t not just get written and then nothing needs to be done to it, there are tasks that need to be undertaken on a regular basis and if they are not attended to in the end the site will not function. It is a little like your car and if you don’t maintain it to a basic standard then in the end it will stop working as it should with a worse case being it stops altogether websites are the same!

With this in mind we have created a “CMS Advanced Plan” which will take care of all of the basic level but also enhance the performance.

Within this Plan you will get:

  • Domain Registration and Renewals – a domain name needs to be renewed each year;
  • Website Hosting – to have a website published in the web the database and information needs to be held or hosted on a webserver;
  • E-mail Account – within the plan a single domain E-mail account will be created;
  • Updates – all updates to the site will be done as well as any updates to add-ons or plugins that are working on the site;
  • Backups – all backups will be undertaken checked and controlled on a weekly basis and four versions will be held at any time;
  • Basic Security Plus – all security checks will be carried out on a weekly basis;
  • Performance Checks – we have a system of checks that allow us to monitor our sites giving us an undwerstanding of both how our serves are running as well as the sites that are hosted on them;
  • License Management – all websites have multiple licenses attached to different aspects of the setup but within this plan all updates and related costs are included;
  • Basic Development SEO – so much is said about Search Engine Optimisation that it can actually become confusing but within this plan we will take care of the basic development side of SEO to allow people to find your website easier;

What you get…

  • Domain Registration/ Renewal
  • Website Hosting
  • E-mail Account
  • Site Updates
  • Site Backups
  • Basic Site Security
  • Performance Checks
  • License Management
  • Basic Development SEO

€ 85:00 p/month